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Afforestation Area
ParticipACTION Community Challenge

Community Wellness Extravaganza:
Celebrating Diversity, Fitness, and Connection

The Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas cordially invite other groups, businesses, individuals of Saskatoon and organizations to register in the ParticipACTION Community Challenge and for the following events.

NOTE afforestation ParticipACTION event tickets can also be found on Eventbrite

In the 132 ha (326 acre) Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area (RSBBAA) and the 60 ha (148 acre) George Genereux Urban Regional Park (GGURP), everyone is truly welcome.
Come to Nature, Come to Life!

Commemorating Day Date Location Time About - Free Registration
National Health and Fitness Day SATURDAY 01-06-2024 RSBBAA 14:00-16:00   Invigorating Inaugural ParticipACTION Community Challenge Event!
Invigorating Inaugural ParticipACTION Community Challenge Event! Eventbrite
Mendel Riverbank ParkRun SATURDAY 01-06-2024 Nutrien Wonderhub   Mendel Riverbank ParkRun
Great Outdoors Month SUNDAY 02-06-2024 GGURP 14:00-16:00 Discover the Great Outdoors: A Celebration of Triumph and Unity source 2  
National Cancer Survivors Day first Sunday in June 02-06-2024
World Bicycle Day MONDAY 03-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 Pedal Palooza
Group stretching & fitness TUESDAY 04-06-2024 GGURP 19:00-21:00 Eventbrite
Wilderness Workout
World Environment Day WEDNESDAY 05-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 EVentrbite
Every Species Counts - Climate Action
Therapy Dogs/ Service Dogs THURSDAY 06-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 Paws for Empathy
Positive Reinforcement, Ethical Training, and what is the difference between Service and Therapy Dogs. Eventbrite
Global Running Day FRIDAY 07-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 Feel The Thrill
Nature's Diversity SATURDAY 08-06-2024 RSBBAA 14:00-16:00 Pride in the Forest
Nature's diversity eventbrite
Mendel Riverbank ParkRun SATURDAY 08-06-2024 Nutrien Wonderhub   Mendel Riverbank ParkRun
Bike Week 08-06-2024 TO 16-06-2024 SUNDAY 09-06-2024 RSBBAA 14:00-16:00 Wheeling Wellness
Parks and Recreation Month
Chronic Venous Insufficiency month
Nature Sketching MONDAY 10-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 Nature's Therapy
Action Anxiety Day
National Children's Day TUESDAY 11-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 Adventure Awaits! Join us for National Children's Day in the Forest.
Honouring Seniors Walking Tour - Respect for our Elders WEDNESDAY 12-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 Whispers of the Woods and Artistic Tribute to Nature and PTSD awareness event
Whispers of the Woods
Nature poetic messaging
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month
Bird Watching THURSDAY 13-06-2024 RSBBAA 14:00-16:00 Flight of Fascination: Celebrating Pigeons & Albinism Awareness
Pigeon Appreciation Day
International Albinism Awareness
Afforestation Virtual Meeting THURSDAY 13-06-2024 virtual 19:00-20:30 Learn more Zoom link
Invasive Plants Awareness FRIDAY 14-06-2024 GGURP 19:00-21:00 Saving Lives: Join the Cause Eco-Warriors in Action
World Blood Donor Day
Orienteering SATURDAY 15-06-2024 RSBBAA Parking area P1 west 13:00-15:00 Wilderness Wayfinders
  Join the Saskatoon Orienteering Group. Discover the thrill of orienteering, an exhilarating activity that beckons you to traverse outdoor terrains, showcasing fascinating landmarks while putting your map-reading abilities to the test. This event will celebrate Harry Potter! Co-hosted with Saskatchewan Orienteering. Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area west side Parking Area P1 467 Township Road 362-A - GPS 52.1038557,-106.7890613.
Mendel Riverbank ParkRun SATURDAY 15-06-2024 Nutrien Wonderhub   Mendel Riverbank ParkRun
National Employee Wellness Month SUNDAY 16-06-2024 RSBBAA 14:00-16:00 Father's Day Wellness Retreat
Men's Health Month
Father's Day
A Gift for Everyone- fathers or those people with fathers. nôhtâwiy. tato. far. apa.
Pollinator Search Adventure MONDAY 17-06-2024 GGURP 19:00-21:00 Pollinator Search Adventure
National Pollinator week 17-06-2024 TO 23-06-2024
Learning Disability Week 17-06-2024 TO 23-06-2024
Worldwide CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder (CDD)
Merienda Snacks at Sunset TUESDAY 18-06-2024 GGURP 19:00-21:00 Merienda Snacks at Sunset
International Picnic Day
National Pollinator week
International Day for Countering Hate Speech
Autistic Pride Day
Sustainable Gastronomy Day
Wilderness Geocaching Adventure: Explore the Afforestation Area WEDNESDAY 19-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 Spring Me: Wilderness Geocaching Adventure
World Refugee Day THURSDAY 20-06-2024 GGURP 19:00-21:00 A Reflection and Gratitude Circle
Cultural Reflections from the community
International Yoga Day FRIDAY 21-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 Enchanted Forest a Journey of Mindfulness and Unity
Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month
Brain Injury Awareness Month
Aphasia Awarenss Month
Global day of recognition of ALS/MND
Alzheimer's Awarness day longest day
National Indigenous History month
National Indigenous Peoples Day
Multicultural Canopy: Connecting Through Nature: Forest Walk SATURDAY 22-06-2024 GGURP 14:00-16:00 Multicultural Canopy
Canopy Canvas
Forest-inspired Art Event
Canadian Multiculturalism Day (27-06-2024)
International Olympic Day 23-06-2024
Portuguese Heritage Month
Italian Heritage Month
National Indigenous History month
National Indigenous Peoples Day 21-06-2024
Filipino Heritage Month
World Refugee Day 20-06-2024
Mendel Riverbank ParkRun SATURDAY 22-06-2024 Nutrien Wonderhub TuTu Day   Mendel Riverbank ParkRun
Ethobotanical Walk Global Origins SUNDAY 23-06-2024 GGURP 14:00-16:00 Roots of Resilience
National Hunger month
International Olympic Day
Dravet Spectrum Syndrome Awareness Day
Ethnobotany, Global Origins, Olympics
Dance Improvisation MONDAY 24-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 🌿 Forest Dance: Nature's Stage Adventure 🌿
Join in and meet dancers from the Free Flow Dance Theatre Company for this exciting event!
Scavenger Hunt TUESDAY 25-06-2024 RSBBAA 6:30-8:30 pm An Orienteering day
Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area west side Parking Area P1 467 Township Road 362-A - GPS 52.1038557,-106.7890613.
Joining up with the Saskatoon Orienteering group
National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day WEDNESDAY 26-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 Healing Hearts, Lifting Spirits. Laughter Yoga
Laughter is the best medicine
Canadian Multiculturalism Day THURSDAY 27-06-2024 GGURP 19:00-21:00 From Many, One: Embracing Our Multicultural Identity
Unity Circle. Multicultural Nature Trivia. World Wildlife Bingo.
Tourette syndrome Awareness Month FRIDAY 28-06-2024 RSBBAA 19:00-21:00 Harmony in Motion. Finding Peace Through Movement
Mindful Forest Walk. Guided Forest Stretching Session. Outdoor Meditation and Breathwork.
Camera Day SATURDAY 29-06-2024 GGURP 14:00-16:00 Visual Storytelling Nature Photography for Awareness
National Nature Photography Day
World Scleroderma Day
Mendel Riverbank ParkRun SATURDAY 22-06-2024 Nutrien Wonderhub   Mendel Riverbank ParkRun
Sensory Walk
Touching Trees, Hearing Leaves
SUNDAY 30-06-2024 RSBBAA 14:00-16:00 Sensory Walk: Touching Trees Hearing Leaves   Sign UP
Deafblind Awareness Month
Helen Keller Deaf Blind Awareness Week starting on the Last Sunday inJune)
Cataract Awareness Month
Arthrogryposis Awareness Day
National OOTD Day gives us an opportunity to express ourselves and document our personal style by sharing our Outfit Of The Day

ParticipACTION Community Challenge Banner

Afforestation Area
ParticipACTION Community Challenge

Community Wellness Extravaganza:
Celebrating Diversity, Fitness, and Connection

The Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas cordially invite other groups, businesses, individuals of Saskatoon and organizations to register in the ParticipACTION Community Challenge and for the following events. Thanks to all who take part with their own incentives during June!

In the 132 ha (326 acre) Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area (RSBBAA) and the 60 ha (148 acre) George Genereux Urban Regional Park (GGURP), everyone is truly welcome.
Come to Nature, Come to Life!

The ParticipACTION Community Challenge presented by Novo Nordisk is back, and it's a chance for all of us to come together, get active, and win fantastic prizes! This national initiative encourages Canadians to prioritize physical activity throughout the month of June, with the ultimate goal of recognizing Canada’s Most Active Community and awarding it with $100,000 to support local physical activity and sport initiatives.

Here's how your organization and members can get involved:

1. Register Your Organization: Visit the ParticipACTION website to register your organization for the challenge. Throughout June, track the number of people getting active and the instances of physical activity to help our community compete for the title. Plus, by registering before the end of May, you'll be eligible for Early Bird Prizes!

2. Engage Your Members: Encourage your members to sign up as individuals on the ParticipACTION website and check out the free offerings. By committing to getting active throughout June, they'll not only improve their health and well-being but also contribute to our community's chances of winning.

3. Win Amazing Weekly Prizes: There are various prizes up for grabs, including Spirit Prizes, Inclusion Prizes, Capacity-Building Prizes, and Participation Prizes. These prizes can support a wide range of initiatives within your organization, from funding equipment for sports teams to organizing community events.

Imagine the positive impact winning the grand prize could have on our community - the City of Saskatoon! With $100,000 in funding, we could support local physical activity and sport initiatives, creating more opportunities for everyone to lead active and healthy lives.

But to make this dream a reality, we need everyone's support. That's why we're reaching out to you today. Together, we can rally our community, get active, and work towards becoming Canada’s Most Active Community! Share, network and spread the word!

Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity, and we look forward to joining forces with you to make our community healthier, happier, and more active than ever before!

About Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Our motto is Come to Nature Come to Life! Celebrate the life in nature and all its biodiversity, and relish health and wellness with amazing activity. Come out to the 326 acre Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area with all the walking trails, or to the 148 acre George Genereux Urban Regional Park. But that is not all, Be active where you are, gardening, walking the dog, adaptive yoga or modified activity to include persons with varying abilities or walking or rolling to the corner store. Invite your senior’s group, sports team, place of employment registered for prizes! Help yourself to prizes, and help us to honour the Father of the College of Kinesiology AND the Father of Canada’s ParticpACTION, Professor Emeritus Don Bailey, friend of George Genereux, Olympic gold medalist.

Personal Invitation: We, the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas, encourage all organizations, including but not limited to churches, schools, youth groups, long-term care homes, sports groups, cultural organizations, community associations, varying abilities advocacy groups, businesses, and community members, to take advantage of the resources available from the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas and ParticipACTION Community Challenge for their contributions.

If you are aware of any community groups who would like to come on board as partners, we would be grateful for an Email.
View or download the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Fit List for inspiration

As we reach out to potential partners for collaboration and as they reach out to us there may be adjustments made for accomodation and more events added. Join us in our upcoming awareness, activity and sustainabilty events! Look forward to meeting you!
ParticipACTION Community Challenge Poster

logo leaves in a circle with mottos Empower yourself to shape your inclusive circle of influence. AND From all walks of life, 
            we walk together
                    towards wellness

logo heads encompassing leaves in a circle with motto. We're all interconnected—humanity, nature, and the ecosystem. Our destinies are intertwined, emphasizing our shared responsibility.

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